Defender Detox


Liver Detox Supplement

Do you struggle with brain fog, a lack of energy, or mood swings? Defender Detox is a safe, effective, and affordable daily supplement to help cleanse the liver and the body from damage caused by alcohol, pharmaceuticals, metals, and other toxins so you can get the most out of your life.

Each Defender Detox bottle contains 180 capsules for a 30-day cleanse.

1 - 2 $37.77
3 - 5 $34.50
6 + $32.10

Choose a purchase plan:


Vitamin B6 – 10mg

(as Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate)


Folate – 1360mcg DFE

(as 400mcg Folinic Acid and 400mcg 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate)


Vitamin B12 – 500mcg

(as Methylcobalamin)


Selenium – 75mcg

(as Selenium Amino Acid Chelate)

Has the special ability to counteract the toxic effects of heavy metals by working as a potent antioxidant to help regulate oxidative stress. When low in this trace mineral, one could have problems with free radicle activity, causing chronic health issues. Selenium also helps produce glutathione, which is the ultimate antioxidant with powerful effects in every cell in the body and vital functions that include: making DNA, supporting immune health, neutralizing free radicles, assisting enzymes, restoring vitamin E and C, eliminating mercury from the brain, supporting liver and gallbladder function, and promoting apoptosis.


N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) – 300mg

Amino acid found in proteins that binds toxic heavy metals like mercury that is found in silver dental fillings and vaccinations. Heavy metals can downgrade brain health and our ability to manufacture neurotransmitters.


Phosphatidylcholine – 300mg

Protects the liver against damage from alcoholism, pharmaceuticals, pollutant substances, viruses, and other toxic influences, most of which operate by damaging cell membranes.


R-lipoic Acid – 100mg

Contains the natural form of alpha lipoic acid and helps to safeguard against heavy metal toxicity by rendering metals inactive and safely expelling them from the body. Studies have found that it shielded the liver against arsenic exposure and has protective properties against mercury poisoning.


Quercetin Dihydrate – 250mg

Powerful immune boosting and anti-viral properties. Shown to help prevent/reduce the effects of coronaviruses, lower inflammation, fight allergies, support heart health, fight pain, improve energy, protect liver health, and protect the brain.


L-Methionine – 150mg

Research points to the ability for methionine, combined with folate and vitamins B6 and B12, to help treat the effects of liver disease.


Dimethylglycine (DMG) – 125mg

Supports liver metabolism and function and helps support the body’s ability to detoxify dangerous chemicals.


Perilla (Perilla Frutescens) Leaf Extract (90% Luteolin) – 100mg

Shown in studies to be an anti-inflammatory & have potentially broad antiviral properties.

Additional Information

We know you want to get the most out of life. For this to happen, your body needs to be clean and operating at peak performance. The problem is that your liver and body have been damaged by alcohol, pharmaceuticals, metals, or other toxins producing a lack of energy, brain fog, and mood swings. This has left you feeling frustrated, exhausted, and even hopeless.

Your health matters to us, and we know what you are going through because we have been there. That’s why we have dedicated over 15 years to research and work with experts to develop a safe, effective, and affordable solution called Defender Detox.

Imagine feeling confident about what you are putting in your body and the joy of experiencing energy and sharpness like you once did. Let us serve you and help make this a reality.


How does Defender Detox work?

Defender Detox works in 4 ways:

  1. It increases methylation, which is one of six ways that our livers break down and eliminate toxins.
  2. It improves the elimination of toxins through the lungs and GI tract.
  3. It neutralizes unstable and reactive molecules (free radicles) before they cause damage.
  4. It binds toxic heavy metals so we can excrete them.


Why should I choose Defender Detox?

If you have been exposed to alcohol, pharmaceuticals, metals, or other toxins such as bacteria, mold, viruses, yeast, fungus, candida, chemicals, radiation, and pesticides then Defender Detox can help cleanse your liver and get you to peak performance.


When do I take Defender Detox?

It is recommended that you take Defender Detox for one month two to four times a year. Depending on current symptoms one may take it more frequently. Please consult your medical professional.


Can children take Defender Detox?

Yes. Please consult your pediatrician before taking the supplement.


Should I take Defender Detox while pregnant?

No. Please avoid during pregnancy.


Can I get Defender Detox online?

Yes – no prescription is required. Just order online, and we’ll ship it right to your door.


Is there folic acid in Defender Detox?

No. Folic acid is a synthetic form of folate and Defender Detox contains two natural forms of folate instead. This is a less harmful way to gain the nutrients and benefits needed from the folate family of vitamins.


What are the side effects of Defender Detox?

It’s improbable you will have side effects because Defender Detox was designed to have as few adverse effects as possible. However, we cannot guarantee this 100% of the time.


What do I do if I have side effects?

Please contact a trusted medical professional right away. Please also contact our team at 888-886-2061 or [email protected] to explain the issues you are having.


How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to or give our team a call at 888-886-2061 and we would be happy to help you.


Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Absolutely. You can cancel at any time.


Why does my doctor not think folic acid is a big deal?

Stores are filled with foods and supplements that include folic acid, and many practitioners are not educated on the need to avoid folic acid. Folic acid has been connected with women struggling to get and stay pregnant and also with childhood allergies.


Can I order by phone?

Absolutely. Give our team a call at 888-886-2061 and we would be happy to help you.


Can I find Defender Detox at my local pharmacy?

Your best option is to order online at or give our team a call at 888-886-2061 and we would be happy to help you. A few local pharmacies also carry Defender Detox.


What do I do if my bottle or capsules are damaged?

Please contact our team at 888-886-2061 or [email protected] and we will send you a new bottle right away.


How many days until my order arrives?

Most orders take 2-3 days to arrive at their destination. All orders receive an email with tracking information. For further information, please contact our team at 888-886-2061 or [email protected].


Where can I leave a review?

Please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the blue “Write a Review” button. Select your star rating of the product, fill in the necessary fields, and click the “Send” button. You will then receive an email for you to confirm your review. If you are interested in providing a video review, please email your review to [email protected].


Can doctors’ offices and pharmacies sell Defender Detox?

Absolutely. Please contact our team at 888-886-2061 or [email protected] for more information.


Does this product contain soy or gluten?

This product is free from soy and gluten; however, it is not certified as such due to production in a facility that handles soy and gluten-containing products.