The BumP DHA Story

Bump DHA was designed to create peace of mind in the expectant mother and to help fulfill the Centurion mission: Leading to Make Life Better. Our desire was to design a next generation prenatal vitamin in order to make the lives of expectant mothers and their babies better.

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Other Products

Safe and Effective Cough Medicine

Ever heard a Ninja cough? Neither have we. The strongest non-narcotic cough suppressant on the market, Ninjacof is a great product designed to kick your cough at a low price!

Nature’s Remedy for Healthy Prostate Function

Not all ingredients are created equal. While developing Natrxa we sought to find only those ingredients which are clinically proven and have the science to back up their claims such as SelenoExcell® and Lyc-O-Mato®. Natrxa has 6 key ingredients, at clinically proven levels, needed for optimum prostate health. Most competing products have only 2-3 key ingredients at suboptimal levels.

Iron Supplementation

Wee Care is an exciting option in iron supplementation due to its minimal side effects and strong safety profile.