The BumP DHA Story

Bump DHA was designed to create peace of mind in the expectant mother and to help fulfill the Centurion mission: Leading to Make Life Better. Our desire was to design a next generation prenatal vitamin in order to make the lives of expectant mothers and their babies better.

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Other Products

Safe and Effective Cough Medicine

Ever heard a Ninja cough? Neither have we. The strongest non-narcotic cough suppressant on the market, Ninjacof is a great product designed to kick your cough at a low price!

Breathe Easy This Season with Ninjacof D

With Spring comes the increased output of pollen but don't worry, Ninjacof D has you covered! The same 8 hr cough relief with the added benefit of a decongestant, Ninjacof D will have you back on your feet in no time. Ask your Doctor or Pharmacist about Ninjacof D today!

Iron Supplementation

Wee Care is an exciting option in iron supplementation due to its minimal side effects and strong safety profile.