Ninjacof D 16oz (Pharmacy Only)


A cough suppressant and decongestant made for your worst symptoms.

NinjaCof-D is a liquid cough suppressant that’s gentle on your body but will fight off stubborn coughs, now complete with a nasal decongestant that helps you breathe easier, too. NinjaCof-D is free from harmful ingredients like dye, sugar, alcohol, and narcotics, so you can fight your cold without any side effects.

In the same delightful cotton candy flavor as the original, NinjaCof-D is great for both kids and adults. Kick your cough and stuffed-up nose the healthiest way possible with NinjaCof-D.

Each NinjaCof-D bottle is 16 fl oz.

1 – 5 $39.99
6 – 11 $36.99
12 – + $33.99


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USA manufacturers,
top-tier quality


Pure ingredients

No fluff, no bulk, or unnecessary additives
and there never will be


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for the whole family