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Centurion pharmaceutical products

Quality is our number one priority at Centurion Labs. That means ensuring all Centurion pharmaceutical products we create are rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness before we put them on the market. From packaging to our customer service the product itself, we ensure the best possible quality in everything that we do.

We use only the best possible ingredients for our Centurion pharmaceutical products, and we list everything included on the label. There's no extra fluff, bulk, or unnecessary additives to any of our pure supplements and health products – and there never will be.

We make life better by providing a path to healthy, safe, and effective products suitable for the whole family. We make products that our patients can trust, and we are transparent every step of the way to provide the best possible service for every customer.

bump dha

Bump DHA is a comprehensive, concentrated prenatal vitamin designed to promote excellent health for pre and postnatal women. Formulated from 10 crucial vitamins, these soft-gel vitamins are easy to take and beneficial for both mom and baby. For a healthy, happy pregnancy, Bump BHA is the perfect addition to your routine.

Centurion pharmaceutical products
Centurion pharmaceutical products


NinjaCof is a liquid cough suppressant that’s gentle on your body but will fight off stubborn coughs. NinjaCof is free from harmful ingredients like dye, sugar, alcohol, and narcotics, so you can fight your cold without any side effects.

Centurion Defender - Immunity Boost

From fighting off colds to recovering from viruses, Centurion Defender helps you avoid illness and get back on your feet faster. Using Vitamin C and D to provide excellent protection, your immune system has never been in better shape.

Centurion pharmaceutical products

just energy

just energy.® is an energy powder designed to nourish you in order to increase your energy levels. Because just energy.® is made from the best ingredients, you won’t feel a crash or get jitters. With a range of three flavors, our effective energy powders provide a better way to boost your energy while providing your body with the essential vitamins you need.

Wee care

Wee Care provides effective, simple, and pure iron supplementation for everyone in the family. With only one dose needed each day, Wee Care provides higher energy levels, better wellbeing, and a healthier and happier body. Many people simply don't get the iron they need from their day-to-day diet. Wee Care provides the supplementation needed to get your iron in balance and feel better than ever.

Centurion pharmaceutical products
Centurion pharmaceutical products


NATRXA is a daily prostate supplement that improves your overall prostate health. The ingredients in NATRXA also target the symptoms of enlarged prostates, including urinary issues and sexual dysfunction. With Natrxa, you can work towards better prostate health thanks to powerful, clinically proven ingredients that work together to provide optimum prostate care.