Isn’t Coughing a Good Thing?

Our bodies are amazingly designed. If you were to stop and think about your body for a few minutes, it should bring you awe and wonder. Thankfully we do not have to tell our heart to beat or our lungs to breathe. In addition, we have an amazing immune system that helps us live life without fear of catching every little thing that goes around. One small part of our immune health is a cough.

A cough is necessary to rid ourselves of toxins, bacteria or viruses that may have entered our bodies through the respiratory system. Often a cough can be triggered through a build-up of mucus through an inflamed mucosal lining. This lining can become inflamed as it traps the toxin, bacteria, or virus and then begins to push it out of the body. Often this means coughing up yellow or green phlegm.

Why Do We Need Cough Suppressants?

Coughing is a natural and good process so you may now be wondering why you would want to suppress your cough with a cough suppressant. Good question!

No cough medicine will completely stop a cough. However, a cough suppressant is meant to help create a less frequent but more productive cough. The idea behind a cough suppressant is to allow you enough time between coughs to get much needed rest. If you are a parent, a cough suppressant is equally important by allowing your child to rest so you too can rest.

3 Tips for Choosing a Cough Medicine


When you are choosing a cough medicine for yourself, or one to give to a loved one, there are three important things to consider:

Is the cough suppressant you are taking a narcotic or non-narcotic? A narcotic cough suppressant depresses your entire nervous system and shuts down your cough. This type can be extremely effective; however, they can also be addictive for some of the population. In addition, depending on the form of the narcotic, (codeine) some are not effective in about 20% of the Caucasian population. Non-narcotic cough medicines are not habit forming but typically are not as effective in suppressing the cough. The exception is chlophedianol, which is the strongest non-narcotic cough suppressant on the market. Chlophedianol works at both the medulla and cough receptors in the chest to minimize the cough effects.

In addition, you should look for a cough suppressant that allows you relief for a full 8 hours of rest. Most cough suppressants last around 4 hours so in choosing one that lasts 6-8 hours, this allows you to sleep longer through the night or make it through a full day of work or school.

Finally, you should look for a cough medicine that is affordable.

Kick Your Cough With Ninjacof or Ninjacof-D

Remember, coughing is not bad but instead is a necessary component of our immune system. The goal with any cough suppressant is to make sure your coughing does not get in the way of the rest that your body needs to help heal itself, while also making your cough more productive and less frequent.

Looking for a strong non-narcotic cough suppressant to help you kick your cough? Go ahead and try out Ninjacof or Ninjacof-D today.